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Penthouses in Downtown Dubai

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Penthouses for sale in Downtown Dubai

Dubai is known for its developed infrastructure and magnificent architecture with its landmark skyline. Most of the famous Dubai buildings are concentrated in the central area. Property in Downtown Dubai is luxury apartments that are in demand both as buy-to-live and buy-to-let options. The community has the smallest area among the rest of the emirate, however it occupies a leading position in the sales market. Due to the limited area, most of the buildings here are high-rise apartment towers. Apartments on the top floor in the center of Dubai, UAE are one of the most sought-after housing units.

Each residential project has a unique architectural design. In addition to high-rise modern-style skyscrapers, the community features mid-rise buildings in the style of the old city. Currently, more than 100 skyscrapers have been erected in Downtown Dubai and the construction of new residential complexes continues. Penthouses on the upper floors attract wealthy homebuyers with a private lifestyle and spectacular views from the windows. These apartment units are luxury properties. Penthouses in Downtown Dubai start at $900,000 (¥6 million) and can go up to over $10 million (¥66.6 million).


Community development began in 1997. The flagship project of the largest developer in the UAE, Emaar Properties, quickly gained recognition. It has become famous not only thanks to modern residential projects that fully correspond to the concepts of true luxury and comfort, but also by buildings that have become the main attractions of the country. Among them is the legendary Burj Khalifa, which combines highly liquid and profitable housing and commercial facilities and the Dubai Mall. It features more than 1,000 retail stores located on an area larger than 50 football fields. Prices for penthouses in Downtown Dubai overlooking the dazzling Burj Khalifa, dancing fountains and other attractions of the metropolis are aimed at wealthy people who prefer a private lifestyle. The area with developed infrastructure provides ample opportunities for recreation, active entertainment and business. The community offers everything you need for a comfortable life, from shops and markets to hospitals and kindergartens. The Sheikh Zayed Road is 20 to 25 minutes from neighboring communities in the metropolis or Dubai International Airport.

Penthouses in the center of Dubai

Buy-to-live and buy-to-invest penthouses in Downtown Dubai occupy the upper floors of residential complexes and offer a magnificent view of the city and its landmark skyline from panoramic windows. Apartments vary in size and number of rooms. The number of bedrooms ranges from 3 to 8. The area can reach more than 1,000 square meters. Most penthouses have several balconies and open terraces. Some properties are equipped with their own swimming pools, have access to rooftop recreation areas. Some developers strive to consider all the requirements of future owners and offer them to make changes to the layout during the construction phase. You can also buy an apartment with additional service. This allows you to achieve maximum comfort and exclusivity. Since the apartments are located in complexes with a developed infrastructure, the residents are offered a full range of top-notch amenities including swimming pools, landscaped green areas, playgrounds, gyms, outdoor sports areas, saunas and spa areas.

District benefits

Among the reasons to invest money in penthouses or choose it as your home in the central area of the emirate are:

  • Prime location and transport accessibility.
  • Developed infrastructure.
  • Proximity to the coast. Even though there is no access to the sea directly from the community, its residents can relax on the banks of the Dubai Canal. You can reach beaches in just 20 minutes.

Another reason to buy a penthouse in Downtown Dubai is that you are allowed to get a residence permit by property investment. Property buyers who spend over $204,000 (¥1.36 million) on their new home can apply for a three-year visa. Buying a property priced over $545,000 (¥3.62 million) can ensure you a ten-year visa.

Investment penthouses in Downtown Dubai

Investing in penthouses in Downtown Dubai is an effective way to save your money and get a profit. Housing prices in the emirate are constantly rising. Capitalization of the cost allows you to resell the apartment at a higher price. Thanks to the limited supply and high demand, you can easily find a buyer. You can also make a profit from renting out your property. The housing stock in the UAE has a high ROI. Since the tourist season in the country lasts all year round and expats who prefer a comfortable lifestyle flock to the region, the annual income from the rental of housing can reach 4-5%. In addition, there are no taxes on personal income in the Emirates, so the owner receives net income. Foreign homeowners can use the property management service offered by many companies and rent out their apartment remotely without being in the UAE.

Buying a penthouse in Downtown Dubai

Our property database a wide range of ready-made or under construction units. You can buy off-plan options with a convenient payment plan and a minimal down payment. Some developers offer interest-free installment payments. English-speaking real estate specialists are ready to assist you in choosing a penthouse in any of the residential complexes in Downtown Dubai. You can get acquainted with current offers and real-time prices in dollars and euros on our website. Find your dream apartment with exclusive views of one of the best cities in the world today!